As many of you may be aware, Senior Support Services-CPHC (SSS-CPHC) underwent an extensive review by the South East Local Health Integration Network (SE LHIN).  The review was initiated by the SE LHIN and the SSS-CPHC Board of Directors, in effort to identify and address ongoing financial and program challenges the organization was facing.  As a result, the SE LHIN appointed Mr. Eric Hanna to complete a comprehensive review of all aspects of the organization’s operations.

We are pleased to announce the completion of the review and Mr. Hanna’s final report.  His findings were accompanied by a number of recommendations for improvement in addressing the areas of challenge.  The majority of Mr. Hanna’s recommendations were completed over the past months with the remainder well under way.  Mr. Hanna quoted in his final report, “As I complete my role, I want to first and foremost acknowledge the significant transformation the organization has made. While the health service organizations always need to be changing in response to both the internal and external environment, the radical positive change during the past 6 months at CPHC has been profound”.  

On behalf of the SSS-CPHC Board of Directors, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the review and for their commitment to moving the organization forward.  We know that there will be many hurdles as we move forwarding in these challenging times, but we also know that we are in a positive position to face those challenges.  Senior Support Services-CPHC will be a leading partner in meeting the growing needs of our senior population, making it possible for them to remain living in their own homes and communities.